DuckTales: Remastered being delisted on digital stores, currently on sale for 75% off


If you want to buy DuckTales: Remastered on Steam or the Wii U eShop are running out of time. Capcom has revealed that the game will be removed tomorrow, August 8th, for purchase, but will be available for re-download for digital owners.

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Dead Space: How the franchise remains relevant ten years since its release


We take a deep dive into Dead Space and take a look at how their Dead Space franchise became one of the most renowned franchises in gaming history.

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Sony’s PlayStation Golden Week Sale is live


Japan’s national holiday week has begun, which means Sony has some great savings for PlayStation users, which include discounts up to 70% (80% for PS+ Subscribers) off of some of the best games, movies, and shows.

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Demon’s Souls Gets a Newly Listed Rating by the ESRB



[Credits: ATLUS USA]

 It’s a sad day when you realize the Demon’s Souls online servers have been shut down. Since the news broke, fans around the world have become an echoing chamber of pleas for a PlayStation 4 remake of the title. Oddly enough, something has happened that may make their hearts skip a beat, and many gamers alike begin to hold their breath for news regarding this matter: The ESRB has a new rating for the game, which went live on their website earlier today.


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Bloodborne Headlines March’s 2018 PS+ Offers, PS3 and Vita Support Ending


With March just around the corner, along with our favorite time of the year – Spring – we’re getting ready for some of the best games in the world. Starting next week, our latest offers for PlayStation Plus will launch on Tuesday morning. Along with our PlayStation Plus offers for next month, users will be able to add both smash-hit titles Bloodborne as well as the 2017 remake of Ratchet & Clank.

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The Dragon’s Dogma Servers for Xbox 360 are Shutting Down


As of today, Capcom has announced through the official Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen servers for Xbox 360 will be shutting down on March 31s, 2018, at 1:00am PST. When the servers shut down, Capcom has announced that some of the game’s features will be rendered useless, taking away from the overall experience.

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PlayStation Network is Officially Down Confirms the PSN Status Page



[Credits: Johan Spreckelson]

 If there’s anything gamers, streamers, and game journalists want to hear, it’s that the service they depend on being available isn’t actually available. Just shortly ago, we’d been tipped off by a few readers and our own attempts to log into the service, that PlayStation Network is currently available.

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February’s PS+ Games Potentially Leaked Ahead of Launch


In the past few months, Sony has been hard at work giving us some of the best PlayStation Plus offers there have been to date. Last month we saw a pretty healthy serving of our free-to-play titles as long as we keep our membership free. Among these smash-hit titles. In January we got a healthy serving of Batman: The Telltale SeriesDeus Ex: Mankind DividedStarBlood Arena, Sacred 3, and Uncanny Valley, The Book of Unwritten Tales.

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Sony is Now Rewarding Trophy Hunters on PlayStation Network


Are you a trophy hunter? Have you ever wondered if you would get rewarded for being a trophy hunter? If you are or you want to become one, Sony isn’t going to hold you back from doing so, and they actually want you to do something with them. Something quite fun, but they require you to actually create a Sony Rewards account and linking it to your active PlayStation Network account.

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Sony Has Announced the PlayStation Plus Games for July 2017

Until Dawn™_20150903210213

Every month PlayStation 4 fans begin the debate on what game they will see. Whether it’s titles like the smash hit Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive, Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale games, or simply games such as the upcoming PlayStation Plus games we’ll be seeing in July. Continue reading