Bloodborne Headlines March’s 2018 PS+ Offers, PS3 and Vita Support Ending


With March just around the corner, along with our favorite time of the year – Spring – we’re getting ready for some of the best games in the world. Starting next week, our latest offers for PlayStation Plus will launch on Tuesday morning. Along with our PlayStation Plus offers for next month, users will be able to add both smash-hit titles Bloodborne as well as the 2017 remake of Ratchet & Clank.

Along with both Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank, titles such as Legend of Kay (PS3), Mighty No. 9 (PS3 and PS4), Claire: Extended Cut (PS4 and Vita) as well as Bombing Busters (PS4 and Vita).  However, Sony has announced that as of March 8th, 2019, that PlayStation Plus will no longer be offered for PlayStation 3 and Vita owners. The company has stated that any titles downloaded before that date will not be affected by these changes as long as they are redeemed before the effective date.

While it is sad to see that PlayStation Plus support for the PlayStation 3 and Vita is coming to an end, this does open up the opportunity for Sony to deliver better PS+ offers for PlayStation 4 owners after the 2019 date.

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