Children of Morta Review – Bless the child and keep thee forever

Children of Morta_20200630025208

The Children of Morta is a promising and extremely challenging roguelike title that pushes the player forward in a top-down style that will challenge players more than what they would expect whether they with friends or alone. Whatever the case is with this game, we’re pretty darn sure Nightwish’s song Bless the Child inspired the game.

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With E3 Canceled, The Guerrilla Collective will take its place

Guerrilla Collection Brand Black

While E3 has been officially canceled, The Guerrilla Collective will be taking its place over the span of three days starting on June 6th, 2020. Here’s everything we know.

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Children of Morta welcomes you to the Setting Sun Inn Update, available today

Children of Morta - Setting Sun Inn key visual

The Setting Sun Inn update brings with it some brand-new in-game content including New Game+, story content, and plenty more as a free content drop for those looking for new content to enjoy.

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Children of Morta’s the ‘Shrine of Challenge’ free content drop is live

Children of Morta - Shrine of Challenge screenshot 01

Fans of Children of Morta can rejoice as 11 bit studios has released their first free content drop for the game, continuing on the traditions that earned the game critical acclaim.

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Frostpunk: Console Edition to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this October


Known as a grim society-simulator and city-builder title, Frostpunk: Console Edition, will bring some of the hardest gameplay elements to life on consoles, forcing players to outwit a post-apocalyptic landscape, social decay, and forge ahead without a second thought.

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Moonlighter has sold 500,000 copies, announces new DLC in celebration


As Digital Sun and 11 bit studios celebrate their momentous occasion with their fans, the two reveal a DLC for their upcoming title, which will see players embark on brand new adventures.

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This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise launches on iOS and Android


You can now experience the harsh realities of war in This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise on iOS and Android today.

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This War of Mine Complete Edition announced for Nintendo Switch


11 bit studios have announced that their anti-war survival title, This War of Mine will be releasing on Nintendo Switch featuring all previously released DLC as well as a few minor adjustments to the game. Find out what you need to know including changes to the game and when it launches today along with the brand new trailer.

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Review: Moonlighter – A nod to all things classic gaming


Moonlighter is a throwback to the SNES and NES era of action-based games where players take on the role of a shopkeeper by day and an adventurer by night where they will explore dungeons, confront hordes of enemies, and even collect loot as you do. Find out what we thought in our review Moonlighter by Digital Sun.
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This War of Mine is a Heartbreaking Hidden Gem I’ve Come to Love


For nearly a year I’ve been obsessively playing This War of Mine on PC, Tablet, and PlayStation 4, but I never released my thoughts on just how impactful the game truly is.

My story starts off differently from the many others you may have heard. My trip wasn’t one I had expected when I first met a woman named Arica. I’d met her only hours after the bombs began to fall, gunshots echoed through the streets and bodies lay strewn about. Before then, I was your simple man, meeting simple people, but our situation was anything but simple.

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