Children of Morta welcomes you to the Setting Sun Inn Update, available today

Children of Morta - Setting Sun Inn key visual

The Setting Sun Inn update brings with it some brand-new in-game content including New Game+, story content, and plenty more as a free content drop for those looking for new content to enjoy.

The adventures for the Bergson family aren’t quite over in the Children of Morta as its development roadmap isn’t quite over either as the addition of the Setting Sun Inn update releases, allowing for some new New Game+ content. The new update brings in tons of new lore for fans to enjoy as went as a significant amount of new additional lore into the game alongside all-new cutscenes.

Those wanting to know how many cutscenes have been added in can expect to explore 20 new cutscenes to enjoy as well as new home events and activities. The update is the second free update to be delivered to the game, giving fans the chance to enjoy an increase in difficulty, new character skill point caps, and upgrades to both Ben and Maragaret’s respective areas (the workshop and lab).

The New Game+ encourages people to take advantage of the new additions and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as of today. You can check out the list of newly added features down below:

  • New Game Plus mode where players keep previously unlocked characters, skill tree progress, resources, Ben’s workshop and Book of Rea upgrades, all while playing through even more challenging content
  • 20 new cutscenes
  • 8 new Home Interactive Events to liven up the Bergson family home
  • 26 new Home Idle Activities to keep the Bergson’s occupied
  • 14 new Family Events and Quests in the Dungeons
  • 3 new Side Quest Traits\Balance changes and bug fixes

You can stay tuned for our continued coverage as new patches are released.

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  1. If having Children Of Morta played already´, will the characters from the game be gone with this one? Do I need to start over again?

  2. So the save file from Children of Morta should be forwarded to this game also? My characters and their levels should stilll be there? And also the level in Book of Rea and so on?

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