Moonlighter has sold 500,000 copies, announces new DLC in celebration


As Digital Sun and 11 bit studios celebrate their momentous occasion with their fans, the two reveal a DLC for their upcoming title, which will see players embark on brand new adventures.

Over 500,000 players have hacked, slashed, and explored their way through numerous dungeons. Through their expeditions, players have hacked, they have slashed, and they’ve even explored some of the toughest challenges that they’ll ever face. The game originally released in 2018, selling over 500,000 copies May 29th, 2019, release date on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game having just released in Japan saw more than 150,000 copies sold in the first week of release for Nintendo Switch. Currently, the team has revealed, that a mobile version of their game is indeed in the works alongside a brand new DLC called ‘Between Dimensions’, which will bring bigger and more exciting adventures with it.

The adventures ahead include new monsters, a new interdimensional dungeon, new gear, and new trick weapons to wield. If that’s not enough, the team has also revealed that you can save 40% of on the Steam version of the game and 33% on the Nintendo eShop version of the game in North America. The same sales will hit the European eShop on April 11th, 2019.

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