Frostpunk: Console Edition to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this October


Known as a grim society-simulator and city-builder title, Frostpunk: Console Edition, will bring some of the hardest gameplay elements to life on consoles, forcing players to outwit a post-apocalyptic landscape, social decay, and forge ahead without a second thought.

Set in a grim and dark frozen apocalyptic world, Frostpunk: Console Edition is about to bring one of the most powerful titles developed by 11 bit studios to life for console users. Players will forge through this cold and deadly world, building a city, picking their society up from its knees, giving those who have lost hope, a sense of comfort in the world they call home.

Players will need to make thoughtful decisions, ones that could turn their people against them or rally the morale of those around them. Those looking to begin their adventures can do so on Oct. 11th, 2019, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“From day one we knew we wanted to bring Frostpunk to consoles. At the same time, we didn’t want it to be just a port. We wanted Frostpunk to feel like a native console experience, so we redesigned pretty much every game element to work intuitively with a gamepad. Among the new, console-specific UI changes we have an express menu for quick access to most common building actions, easy to use choice-wheels, top-down view for precise building placement, upscaled icons, and much more. We truly believe it will become a new benchmark for the genre on Xbox One and PlayStation 4,” says Frostpunk Senior Lead Designer, Jakub Stokalski.

The upcoming Console edition will release for $29.99 as a digital release only.

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