Battlefield 2042’s next big update is around the corner with some major fixes

While having what some would call a rocky launch, Battlefield 2042 is about to make the ride a lot smoother, which comes with a first of many updates starting on Thursday, November 25th, with a rather large one by the sound of it. What’s there to know? Quite a bit actually.

Since we begun our review progress for Battlefield 2042, we’ve experienced numerous issues with the game ranging from hit detection to intermittent lag spikes in the game, the inability to spawn, and a variety of other issues that left us gritting our teeth off and on during our time with the game thus far.

Now, DICE and EA are preparing to release one of many updates for their recently launched title, which we hope can include some stability, netcode enhancements, and of course, fixes for the respawn/deployment bug that forces players to quit out of matches. While we don’t know a whole lot about the patch coming in, EA and DICE have revealed that this patch won’t be the only one rolling out in the rather near future, with a third title update on its way in December and another set to launch before the end of the year.

On Thursday’s Update, expect to see the following changes made to the game as revealed from the Battlefield 2042 blog post by EA and DICE.

  • Improved Soldier Revives, addressing ‘unable to revive when a Soldier dies close to an object, or wall’.
  • A respawn protection system that will help to prevent any extraneous issues that can leave a player in a downed state for too long, and force a manual respawn when required.
  • Re-enabling our UAV-1 Interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on our Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was overpowered, and we’ve made adjustments to account for that.
  • Vehicle Balancing for the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird mentioned above.
  • Dispersion has been reduced for all weapons except Shotguns, which results in more consistent bullet spread during gameplay.

The new update notes will be fully available when the patch launches on Thursday, giving fans an idea of changes being made, etc, to enhance the exeperience. So far, we have seen some stability changes being made both client and server side in the past week, which honestly, has been nice.

“We couldn’t be more passionate about this game and will be supporting and evolving it for years to come. The teams across the globe are working 24/7 to evolve and deliver improvements to the game. Since launch we’ve made a number of service updates that have improved server performance as well as the vaulting and restoration of content not performing in line with our designs,” the latest blog post on the EA website for Battlefield 2042 states.

Currently, Battlefield 2042 is available on all major platforms for PlayStation and Xbox alongside the PC version. Stay tuned for any updates about the game as well as our upcoming review for the game.

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