STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town makes a new franchise sales record

XSEED Games has revealed that STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town has sold over 1 million units worldwide and has celebrated with the release of update 1.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Are you ready for some new outfits, hairstyles, farming abilities, and more? We are!

There’s something special about STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town that we just can’t seem to get past every time we talk about the game. Whether it’s how cute the game is, how relaxing it is, or just simply how much there is to do when you look for things you have yet to accomplish in the game. 

Now, we have more thanks to the games 1.1.0 update, which brings in a bevy of new features for fans to enjoy in the form of “Spirit Quests.” These new events and challenging requests for Olive Town experiences come with all-new accomplishments to be made, but also, a large amount of rewards for players to obtain including new outfits, hairstyles, and even farming abilities.

With the new update also comes new post-marriage event scenes and a few new options for DLC “Expansion Pass” owners to enjoy, which includes four couples-centric festivals such as the Fireworks Display and the Snowshine Celebration events. The new Spirit Quests will unlock a new series of challenging requests as mentioned before.

These new quests allow players to act as a medium between the townsfolk of Pioneer Town and the Sprites that live around them. The new quests will be available once players trigger all the existing Town Development Events and have saved enough Town Development Points for them to be available. The new cosmetics will be available at the Beauty Salon.

While the rewards are only a few of the ones that will be available, it gives an idea of what to expect, but also an idea of the fact there is a whole lot more for hard working players to unlock! Meanwhile, if you haven’t, check out our review for STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town today!

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