Ghostwire: Tokyo introduces you to Hannya in its latest trailer

Prepare for the next major exclusive from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks coming to the PlayStation 5 in 2022. Are you ready to go face off against Hannya and his followers called The Faceless?

In the upcoming brand-new IP from Bethesda’s famed studio, Tango Gameworks, players will face off against Hannya, a Faceless enemy who unleashed a catastrophic and lethal fog upon the denizens of Tokyo. 

In the aftermath, most of Tokyo’s population has been wiped out due to its lethality. In the aftermath, Hannya leads the Faceless, a group of zealots who will bend to his every beck and whim, unleashing their terror upon anyone who attempts to stand against them.

Where once lively crowds once stood, an army of one-of-a-kind creatures, directly from the creative minds at Tango Gameworks, stands out among their once bustling streets, lively alleys, and storefronts: The Visitors.

The Visitors are not just unique, they are beautiful, haunting, and just as elusive as the Japanese legends, folklore, and tales they are inspired by. You may recognize some of them if you know some of Japan’s darker tales such as “Kuchisake-onna”. If not, it’s definitely worth the read!

You can check out the official new trailer from the most recent PlayStation Showcase down below:

Are you ready to take on the role of Akito and explore the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo on PlayStation 5 and PC in Spring 2022? 

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