Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to launch this May for next-gen consoles

Sony and Electronic Arts have confirmed that BioWare’s critically-acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles this May earlier today alongside the release of an all-new trailer.

There’s no denying it: Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew are returning this Spring. It’s news that has remained fresh on everyone’s mind after the tease of – what we can assume – is Mass Effect 4 and the reveal of the Mass Effect: Legendary edition, which brings the Shepard Saga to next-gen consoles later this year. May 14th, 2021, to be exact.

The hotly-anticipated bundle will include enhanced 4K visuals, 60 FPS gameplay, and over 40 pieces of DLC content for fans to enjoy. PC players can expect to get the same, but, with Ultra-Wide Screen support and presumably unlocked framerates.

Textures, lighting effects, shadows, etc, have been enhanced to deliver a more cinematic experience than previously offered. The new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, from what fans are noticing, might not ship with the multiplayer content of both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, which helped influence the overall reception of the game and even the story for the latter of the two.

While fans could hope for a remake, it doesn’t look like EA and BioWare are doing that much to the games outside of ehanching basic things ranging from, as stated previously, textures, lighting, the UI, and other basic tweaks to the overall experience. It’s probably worth noting that the games might feel more-or-less the same as they did when they first released – minus the bugs.

BioWare’s Lead Environmental Artist Kevin Meek (via IGN) stated that the game’s won’t be moving from Unreal Engine 3 to the modernized Unreal Engine 4.

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