Neptunia Virtual Stars’ Vtubers highlighted in the latest screenshots

Neptunia Virtual Stars’ latest batch of screenshots has revealed the games’ Vtuber highlights, including their personalities, what they will do, and plenty more. Let’s take a look!

Idea Factory International is no stranger to getting us excited for their next big-hit. The Hyperdimension Neptunia series is no different from this. The latest batch of screenshots should have fans more excited than ever for Neptunia Virtual Stars, which is set to launch on March 2nd, 2021, for PlayStation 4 in North America.

The game will see our friends such as Neptunia join a spectacular cast of Vtubers in their latest adventure, which, aren’t the only ones helping them out on Planet Emote. V-Idols will also be abundant as the Gamindustri Goddesses and the V-Idols work to collect V-Cubes from defeated V-Hunters in order to save the Vtubers themselves.

With Planet Emote having been invaded, it seems that Neptunia and the ladies have a lot of work cut out for them according to the latest Vtuber features reveal. You can check those out down below:

Guest Vtuber System: When the planet Emote had been invaded, several Vtubers were taken hostage with no way to escape! The Antis were quick in rounding up these internet stars. By defeating V-Hunters and retrieving V-Cubes, players will gain access to new Vtubers!

Locate all the Guest Vtubers to unlock new abilities! When players rescue Vtubers the Guest Connect ability will be unlocked. Guest Connect borrows the powers of the Vtubers you rescued to support players in battle. Each Vtuber has their own unique skillset!

Vtuber Search Comm: Locate Vtubers in need of rescuing! Expanding the NeoTube Plaza enables the Vtuber Search Comm to locate captured Vtubers! In Vtuber Search Comm, use signals from civilians to spot the location of the V-Cubes under the custody of the Antis! Can you find all the Vtubers?

Neptunia Virtual Stars is set to release in North America on March 4th and March 29th, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and PC respectively. Idea Factory International has revealed that pre-orders are now live at participating retailers and on digital storefronts.

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