The latest Outriders Broadcast took a deep dive into its campaign structure


Square Enix has been preparing rather hard to show off their upcoming title Outriders, which has had its gameplay systems including companions, side quests, travel system, enemy types, and environments revealed in Outriders Broadcast 2 – ‘Beyond the Frontier”, which is the games official Journey Structure.

Square Enix’s latest title, Outriders, has begun to look rather promising. It’s said to be a “dark and desperate” Scifi story at its very core. It’s a game that has already received quite a bit of attention due to its emphasis as a two-generation release, giving players on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 a chance to experience the same game with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

In today’s broadcast, titled ‘Beyond the Frontier’, the team behind the game detailed several key elements of the title, which includes a fleshed-out idea of what to expect from the game. The elements include the main story path and side missions, which will actually expand the main story path itself.

Along with the outlining of the story structure, the travel system was also revealed, which is actually impressive, since you will actually navigate the planet as you would in any game with a hub world of its own. Yep, there’s a hub, and you’ll navigate the game by traversing the lands around you, which includes the First City from the first Outriders broadcast just a few weeks back.

With the game having been thrown back into the Dark Ages, due to the Enoch’s Anomaly storms, you can expect to see things shaken up a bit more. You’ll be one of the few who can leave the human settlements, explore the world around you, and take on any threats that you will face head-on. The hub-and-spoke map system returns, which if you’ve ever played DestinyDiablo, or Anthem, you’ll know what to expect here. You can sell your stuff, buy new stuff, select free-roam combat areas, buy new gear, and well, listen to gossip from the locals.

To balance out the leveling difference, it has been revealed that rewards from side-quests will scale to a player’s level. This means early-on side-quests can be extremely important in the late-game itself. Not bad if you are one who’s wanting to explore snowcapped mountains, figuring out what happened to a team that has gone missing after being driven mad, and well, unlocking that upgrade you’ve been needing.

Those of you familiar with Inon Zur from Fallout and Dragon Age can rejoice as the new broadcast revealed him as the composer for the Outriders score. It definitely fits his trend though, he loves all things darkly. You can check out the Broadcast down below.

Those of you looking forwards to Outriders can expect monthly broadcasts that will lead up to the multi-generational release in Holiday 2020.

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