Mortal Shell to launch through the Epic Game Store as a timed-exclusive


Those anticipating Mortal Shell on PC will have to purchase the game through the Epic Game Store or wait until Q3 2021 to purchase it via Steam. Here’s the scoop.

As many of us are awaiting the upcoming indie title by a small team of industry veterans, a lot of us have begun to wonder what the future of their title Mortal Shell would be like and where the game would be launching. In a recent announcement during the PCGaming Show last week, Cold Symmetry revealed that the game will be launching exclusively through the Epic Game Store for PC players.

The team also revealed that the game will be releasing on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 at the exact same time in Q3 2020. Cold Symmetry has also revealed the official price for the upcoming title at $29.99. The game will launch in $3 2021 for Steam.

“The primary goals of our studio are to make Mortal Shell the best game it can be and to live another day and keep making awesome games in the future,” said the founders of Cold Symmetry in a joint statement. “Epic’s financial support, for a small studio like ours, was clearly going to help us achieve those goals so it was something we had to consider earnestly.”

As part of their big reveal, we’ve got a look at one of the games playable shells, Tiel, an “envenomed and complex character whose innate agility and familiar with poison makes him a highly dangerous individual,” explains Cold Symmetry. Alongside their reveal of the Shell, they’ve also given us a look at one of the mainstay adversaries players will fight against, Hadern, whose motivations are unclear and yet to be determined (by players at least).

The game’s focus is a test of skill, forcing players to take note of their movement, timing, anticipation, distance, committing to attacks, and finding patterns across each abstract, open, laced I mist, and free from distraction battlefields. Your death is your fault, there are no excuses when one player dies.

As part of their ongoing lead up to launch, Cold Symmetry has also revealed the Closed Beta date with codes going live on their Twitter and Discord soon starting on Jule 3rd, 2020.

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