Chivalry 2’s free weekend begins today on the Epic Games Store

Torn Banner Studios has announced a free weekend for their award-winning first-person slasher title, Chivalry 2, for the Epic Games Studio starting today alongside a 33% discount on the game.

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During The Game Awards 2021 reveals the release date and PC spec requirements for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE ahead of its December 16th, 2021, release date on the Epic Games Store.

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Spellbreak has officially launched on consoles and PC

Breakers can now enter the battlegrounds that Spellbreak has to offer as the game has officially released into its free-to-play state on all platforms including Nintendo Switch.

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Mortal Shell Hands-On – Everything you wanted in a Soulsborn game

Mortal Shell 7_4_2020 3_35_42 PM

Due to player demand, Mortal Shell went into full open beta and the team, has not disappointed, even with bugs aside. Here are our thoughts on the open beta that ends tomorrow.

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Mortal Shell to launch through the Epic Game Store as a timed-exclusive


Those anticipating Mortal Shell on PC will have to purchase the game through the Epic Game Store or wait until Q3 2021 to purchase it via Steam. Here’s the scoop.

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Review: Close to the Sun – The stars burned have never brighter than before

Close to the Sun is an imaginative retailing of Icarus and his father Daedalus, but also, the battle between both Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla as a history-horror title. But as they say, you fly too Close to the Sun, the sun will burn you.

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Yes, Epic Games is paying for Epic Games Store exclusives


Epic games is shelling some hard earned money in order to bolster their Epic Games Store offerings thanks to the staggering financial success of Fortnite.

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Epic Games Store: Why it’s a threat to Steam


Epic Games Store

The battle for the best has begun and the showdown happens to be between both Epic Games and Valve with the Epic Games Store and Steam, but there’s a reason behind it. Devs are turning to Epic for a very specific reason: Profits.

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