Respawn Entertainment is celebrating their 10th anniversary


For any game company, ten years is a long time in the industry, now, among them comes Respawn Entertainment that has begun to celebrate their tenth anniversary and success of their history of games they’ve released. Now, Vince Zampella has opened up to discuss their upcoming Medal of Honor entry and much more.

From their early days with the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall to their recently released critically-acclaimed title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment has been making head way in the past ten years, each title delivering a bigger and bolder experience than the previous game released.

Since their establishment, Respawn Entertainment has released a variety of franchises included Titanfall, which saw both a sequel and a spin-off title under the name of Apex Legends. Their success, however, hasn’t been staggered as the team has revealed that a sequel to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be receiving a sequel as they are currently working on an upcoming entry in the once celebrated Medal of Honor franchise.

During the news, Vince Zampella released the official confirmation that more is on the way from their studio and they will have some surprises just around the corner at EA Play in June, including more information about Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, which was announced back in 2019 and will bring the series into VR.

“We have Medal of Honor [Above and Beyond] coming out sometime this year, so we’ll see if that shows up,” Zampella said. “The other things I would be hesitant to talk about because I want surprise and delight [for fans].”

However, EA has stated that we it is safe to assume that we can see “some things from Respawn at EA Play,” but have not confirmed what product or even IP that their reveals or information might be pertaining to. You can also check out a deeper dive into a blog post on the official Respawn Entertainment blog by Vince Zampella himself.

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