Kandagawa Jet Girls announced by the creators of Senran Kagura for PC and PS4

Kandgawa Jet Girls - Racing 02

If you’re waiting for some more Senran Kagura shenanigans, XSEED Games and Marvelous USA, Inc., have revealed the latest game from the creators of the Senran Kagura franchise with Kandagawa Jet Girls, which is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4.

For what seems like a hot minute for the Senran Kagura series getting a brand-new entry, there’s no doubt it has been, but now, we know why as the creators of Senran Kagura are gearing up for another franchise, a brand-new one at that, with Kandagawa Jet Girls. They describe their upcoming game, which is set to release in North America later this year on PC and PlayStation 4, as an “adrenaline-fueled jet racing game”.

Players won’t just be racing, however. The team has revealed that the game will also feature high-stakes as well when players begin to blur aerial stunts with rapid-fire shootouts during each and every race. To help support their upcoming launch, XSEED Games has revealed a “Racing Hearts” edition packaged title with special collectible goodies for $59.99 at participating retailers while a digital version can be purchased from the PlayStation Store and Steam for $49.99.

Not bad considering you’ll play through a 64 episode story, get a two-disc soundtrack CD with 54 tracks, a 5.5″ x 7.3″ softcover 60pg art book, and a specially designed box by Hanaharu Naruko. Did we mention the girls themselves will feature tons of customization options as well as their jet skis and their special effects? There’s that too. Also, multiplayer, just let that one sink in as you’ll be able to show off against your friends online and show them just how good you are.

Also, they’ve confirmed that the girls of Senran Kagura will be infiltrating the game and bringing characters such as Ryōbi and Ryōna to the base game while Asuka and Yumi will be joining at a later date as part of the premium DLC line-up. Developed by Honey∞Parade Games is about to make a massive splash in order to help you beat the summer heat.

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