Moero Crystal H revealed for Nintendo Switch


Ever wanted a game where sexy, funny, and rather enjoyable gameplay come together? Well, it’s time to prepare as a developer and publisher eastasiasoft has revealed they’ve teamed up with online retailer Playasia prepares to bring the Compile Heart and Idea Factory developed title to Nintendo Switch later this year.

When it comes to games that just seem to come out of nowhere, especially ones that will make you fidget in your spot, hiding your screen from any lookers by, Compile Hearts and Idea Factory didn’t hold back with their latest title, Moero Crystal H. Now, Nintendo Switch fans in North America and Europe can prepare for one of the most comedic and, well, fan service titles that the duo have to offer.

This one is the third entry within the Genkai Tokki series. To help prepare fans looking for a ludicrous, but rather hilarious time with the game can do so by pre-ordering the dungeon crawling title through either the Nintendo eShop or an exclusive release through Playasia where both a standard and a collector’s limited edition will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, May 28th, 2020.

But, if you want a bit of an idea of what to expect, you can get some idea with how insane this title is as the story tells the tale of Zenox the “Lucky Pervert”, who has to partner up with a group of monster girls in order to find and hopefully, reclaim the stolen Bra of Darkness, an object, which somehow has the power to save the world. The girls and well – the pervert – will have to go through the game, using the Panties of Light to guide them through their mythical quest in a journey to save the world.

Each encounter will take place in deep turn-based combat where players will explore a deeply-designed experience, which includes the ability to explore grid-based dungeons, recruit more than 80 monster girls, mix and match their outfit combinations in order to change their appearance and their skills, as well as the ability to enjoy some shoot ’em up endeavors all-the-while discovering secret stages throughout the game.

As this is a re-imagining of a PlayStation Vita exclusive title that launched in Japan in 2015, you’ll find that the game is both a follow-up and a standalone experience to both Monster Monpiece and Moero Chronicle, making Moero Crystal H an entirely new experience of its own. The game will feature a fully upgraded HD experience along with all previously released DLC, English subtitles, and the new “Double” Scratch” feature that allows players to enjoy the “Loving Scratch” mode in order to raise their affection levels with up to two monster girls at a single time.

“At eastasiasoft we pride ourselves in bringing western audiences content they wouldn’t see outside of Asia,” said Joshua M French, Community Manager at eastasiasoft. “Moero Crystal H is unlike anything you’d see made outside of Japan. It’s the ultimate cultural artifact – and an excellent RPG in its own right!”

Now, we just have to wait until later in 2020 to see what Moero Crystal H has to offer when it launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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