Dead by Daylight’s 4th-anniversary stream reveals the next DLC is Silent Hill


While we certainly hope to see more Silent Hill in the future, Dead by Daylight is about to get even crazier as Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason are preparing to invade the asymmetrical horror-survival game. 

Well, while it seems that Hideo Kojima and Konami still aren’t going to be working together to make our dreams for Silent Hills become a reality, or at least give us P.T. back anytime soon, we do have a bit of good news with some form… Of… Well, Silent Hill related news.

Celebrating their 4th anniversary of Dead by Daylight’s success, Behaviour Interactive released a brand-new video, giving fans highlights of what to expect as they prepare for the release of Chapter 16 of their long-running horror survival title. The new one just happens to see the famed Silent Hill 2 killer join the game, wielding his Great Knife and dawning the name “The Executioner”.

Don’t think he’s just going to be a hulking menace, because there’s more to this guy than meets the eyes as Behaviour Interactive revealed what he can do in order to hunt down and defeat his prey. Especially with the fact he will be able to take advantage of Silent Hill’s forces and a ranged attack that can go through objects in order to knock down an already weakened survivor.

If that doesn’t make things any harder, you can also adopt the ability to look like Silent Hill 3’s protagonist, Cheryl Mason, also known as Heather in the game. She’ll have Dead by Daylight’s first Legendary Skin as well, which will allow her to turn into a student nurse by the name of Lisa Garland.

The map released with the DLC will by the Midwich Elementary School, a key location within Silent Hill for PlayStation back in the day. Behaviour has revealed that the new DLC will be dropping on both PC and consoles this June. PC players can expect to jump into the PC version’s PTS today in order to give Pyramid Head a shot.

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