Ebb Software’s title Scorn is coming to Xbox Series X


After today’s Xbox 20/20 online showcase, Ebb Software has revealed that their upcoming first-person horror adventure, Scorn, will be releasing on Xbox Series X thanks to its exclusive reveal trailer.

After falling into silence on August 13th, 2019, Ebb Software is finally coming out of the shadows with their H.R. Giger-inspired title called Scorn. This time, the team has decided to update us about what’s going on with the game and when we can hopefully expect the game to launch after years of waiting.

During today’s Xbox Series X showcase called “Xbox 20/20 online showcase”, Ebb Software updated us about what platform(s) we can expect their first-person horror adventurer to launch on, which just happens to be the Xbox Series X and PC at this time. The title is also expected to launch during the Xbox Series X launch period.

The launch has been made possible thanks to the studio’s collaboration with Xbox in a statement from Game Director Ljubomir Peklar, “For us, as developers, it’s imperative to present Scorn in the best way possible. The distinctive art style is only half the story – the other half is having all the technical parts of the game running smoothly.

That’s where our partnership with Microsoft and their next-generation Xbox Series X console comes in. Xbox Series X is an extremely capable piece of hardware that will enable us to run Scorn at 4k 60fps with all the graphical bells and whistles. Ease of development and raw processing power are the primary reasons we chose to go exclusively with Xbox Series X. Players on Series X will experience an uncompromising version of Scorn.”

While fans have been cautiously optimistic about having supported the game on Kickstarter, it seems that Ebb Software is almost read to lure players into their claustrophobic underworld that’s populated by misshapen creatures, ones that drip with an unnamed fluid that may or may not be of natural causes. Their game aims to be one about exploration, using a limited HUD of any form to drive players through the non-linear nightmare of interconnected spaces they have designed.

Ebb Software has remained adamant about how the environment itself, is a character, and it will do its best to unsettle, unbalance, and throw a player off once immersed in the world of Scorn. Whether it’s completing puzzles, unlocking new areas, finding new skills, weapons, and items to use, Scorn is expected to be one of the most triumphant games of its kind after nearly three years since reaching its goals, Scorn could be one of the most ambitious titles yet being developed by a relatively small team based out of Serbia.

You can check out the official trailer down below for the Xbox Series X reveal:

At this time, there’s no word whether or not Scorn will be an Xbox Series X and PC exclusive or if it will also be headed to PlayStation 5 as well. What is certain is the fact this game is a creepy as Hell one and H.R. Giger would have loved this nightmare-inducing fuel of a game.

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