‘Scorn’ the H.R. Giger-inspired game has been delayed after five-months of silence


After nearly five months of silence, Ebb Software has revealed their upcoming horror title Scorn has been delayed into 2020 in order to deliver their imagined experience for fans to enjoy.

For several years, Ebb Software’s H.R. Giger-inspired title has captured our attention thanks to its visceral, deadly, and uniquely designed experience. During that time, we’ve also been noticing a lot of silence from Ebb Software after their long-in-development project exceeded its EUR€200,000 campaign.

In August of 2018, the team had revealed that they had received external funding that would allow them to release Scorn as a single title versus an episodic experience. Much to the relief of fans, this approach would deliver both a fully-fleshed out experience and a rather immersive one at that.

Ebb Software’s latest update regarding Scorn has revealed that they are currently working on completing the game’s environment and systems, though they had succeeded in achieving an “important internal milestone” back in July of 2019. Unfortunately, their news hasn’t really given us much idea of how far along their ambitious title actually is.

They have, however, revealed that key system elements such as character healing, full-body awareness, and three “more huge puzzle systems, some spanning entire levels” have been implemented into Scorn.

But don’t hold your breath there. Ebb Software has announced that their team is “taking a small breather before pushing forward.” Sadly, we have no idea how long this break is going to take, after all, their game has been in development since 2014, and the team has been extremely dedicated to delivering a polished product, without the issues we’ve seen plague recent projects from Kickstarter such as Agony and The Mighty No. 9.

For what it’s worth, let’s hope they take their time, delay as much as they need to, and release a fully-fleshed out product that will “wow” us when it releases in 2020 or beyond.

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