Arboria is heading to early access tomorrow via Steam


Dreamplant Studio and All in! Games have revealed that their upcoming 3D rogue-lite turned third-person action RPG title, Arboria, will be headed into Early Access starting May 7th, 2020.

Ready to hit Early Access tomorrow (May 7th, 2020), players can prepare to head into the latest 3D rogue-lite title that features action RPG mechanics, allowing for a deeper-than-before experience with Arboria, which will see players become a Yotun warrior in a world of procedurally generated dungeons.

Players will have to learn to use Symbiotic Weapons and mutate them in order to become stronger, leaning the odds in their favor through each and every dungeon you will explore. At the time of the Early Access launch, players can expect to enjoy one setting and four levels with more to be added at a later date.

As you become the one to rescue the Yotunz Tribe, you will begin to dawn the name the “Chosen One” as you bring the tribe back from extinction. As you leave your Refuge for the ever-changing landscape of Durnar, you will need to adjust to the games real-time combat scenarios, changing your skills and situational awareness serve as key elements for your survival.

If you have what you think it takes to do so, Arboria will land, as stated earlier, on Steam tomorrow for an affordable price when it launches on May 7th, 2020. That price has yet to be revealed and will likely be done so later today.

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