Dreams from Media Molecule now has a playable demo on the PlayStation Store


Those looking to give the beautifully crafted creation tool, Dreams, a chance, now is their chance as fans can jump into the free demo of Dreams today via the PlayStation Store and see what the game is all about as they try out the first 20 minutes of the game.

Have you ever wanted to let your Dreams come true? What if that meant creating beautiful pieces of art, music, games, or perhaps just something to let your imagination flow free as you become familiar with the wide array of tools that Media Molecule has put in the palms of your hands with the power of the PlayStation 4?

You can do that today as you jump into their amazingly beautiful and easy-to-learn creation tool title, Dreams, which allows players to let their imagination flow free as they create astounding pieces of interactive art, beautiful pieces of music, cinematic scenes, and even fully-playable games that have landed several Dreams creators jobs in the industry.

If you are curious about how they’ve found these dreamers, it’s not hard thanks to the Dreams companion site, which allows dreamers to queue up dreams others have made and allow them to give it a whirl. Those of you who decide to pick up the full game can pick up where Art’s Dream left off during the demo.

You can also check out the official YouTube and Twitch channels Media Molecule has in order to watch DreamShaping (create mode) in action as well as them going over some of their favorite pieces created by dreamers such as yourself on a weekly basis. You can also check out the upcoming “Dreaming With…” video series that will be arriving on May 15th. You can check out the teaser trailer down below today.

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