GTFO’s Infection update revealed how many players survived the first rundown


Since its reveal, GTFO, the newly released Early Access title from developer 10 Chambers Collective, staffed by former PAYDAY franchise veterans, has continued to capture the attention of gamers around the world with its  4-player co-op action and horror FPS elements, forcing players to work together in this title that’s described as “Left 4 Dead meets Aliens”. Here’s what you need to know.

To celebrate the first Rundown coming to a conclusion, 10 Chambers Collective has released the second part of their development cycle, which includes the plans to release new expeditions, which will feature new maps, new scenarios, enemies, and plenty more for survivors to experience.

Fans who have jumped into the game already can now download the latest update called “Infection”. The new update will see players explore a new branch of a terrifying underground facility called “The Complex” where players must communicate, coordinate, and preserve as many of their resources as they can.

The new Infection update includes new levels, weapons, enemies, and plenty more for players to experience, bringing forth the second portion of their Rundown concept to life, which will see each and every update release for free of charge. The newly released update has also released alongside a new developer playing session, which shows members of the 10 Chambers Collective team take on one of the new expeditions.

As part of their experience, players will be required to transport batteries to four different generations. Those hauling the batteries are incapable of fighting back, requiring their squad to fight back against any enemies that may attack, forcing them to remain fully aware of their surroundings so as not to awaken any sleeping foes.

Those that are damaged have a chance to succumb to an infection, which is where the new update gets its name: Infected. This sense of danger will ultimately up the ante, making players work even closer together than they had before, planning out their every move and discussing every option that they have to ensure their mission is completed.

But if you think you’re good, Ulf Andersson has revealed just how many teams actually manage to escape The Complex:

While the Infection update adds tons of new content, something that goes unchanged is the hardcore challenge that is GTFO. Not only for the new players that we hope will find this game now but also to those that completed the first Rundown. Looking at the statistics for the first Rundown, out of all prisoners sent down to the Complex, 7.6% came back alive. It will be interesting to see if our prisoners improve after this Rundown!”, says Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers.

If you haven’t already, you can join a community of over 175,000 active members on its Discord server that are always looking to join a game, press through The Complex the best they can, and ultimately, become one of the best there is in what GTFO has to offer.

Currently, GTFO Early Access is available on Steam for $34.99, currently on sale with 20% taken off its overall price until April 3rd, 2020. 10 Chambers Collective has confirmed that GTFO will be regularly updated with brand-new content for fans to enjoy.

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