Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Void Edge revealed, Year 5 Pass now available

Rainbow Six Siege is heading into its fifth year and with it comes a brand-new set of characters for Operation Void Edge and a rework of the Oregon map for some tense, tactical first-person shooter fun. To help get you started, the Year 5 Pass is now available.

Operation Void Edge is almost here for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans, which means only one thing: New content. For five years, Rainbow Six Siege has continued to surpass expectations, setting new records, breaking its concurrent player count records, and even delivering top-notch gameplay changes.

The fifth-year will include map reworks, gameplay updates, live support, new maps, and of course, new Operators for players to experience. To kick things off, players can now snag the Year 5 Pass, which will feature two new Operators, Iana an Attacker, and Oryx, a Defender. Both come with their own new gameplay elements including Iana’s ability to use a holographic duplicate of herself, which will reflect a player’s customizations to the character.

This gadget will sound like her, move like her, and make it a bit more difficult for the enemy team to know if it is her or the hologram. However, the duplicate can’t deal damage to enemy players, but it trades off lethality for deception, allowing for players to set up astonishing defenses others may not expect. However, don’t expect her to be able to hold off Oryx when he comes crashing through a wall.

He’ll surprise his Dutch friend when she sees the Jordanian defender come smashing through a wall. Unlike others, he does not come with a gadget, but instead, comes with a unique ability called Remah Dash, which he uses to sprint short distances at an alarming rate, making him an extremely effective Defender. Due to how strong he is, he is a formidable foe, making him someone that players might not be expecting to face off against.


As always, players do not need to own the Year 5 Pass to enjoy Operation Void Edge, but those with it will get some special goodies, including early access to brand-new operators. Updates, maps, etc, will remain free as they have in previous years. You can check out the official Void Edge trailer down below.

You can save now on Rainbow Six Siege on all digital storefronts in preparation for Year 5 today.

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