Resident Evil Resistance receives two new Masterminds and maps on its roster


As the new 4v1 title Resident Evil Resistance prepares for launch, Capcom has revealed two brand-new masterminds that will be joining the roster, giving players two brand-new familiar faces to take down players with or face off against.

As a surprise announcement, Capcom has revealed two new Masterminds that will be joining the roster for Resident Evil Resistance, the upcoming multiplayer title that will be included with Resident Evil 3 when it launches on April 3rd, 2020, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Alongside previously announced antagonists Daniel Fabron and Anette Birkin, Capcom has revealed that Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer will be joining the mix, bringing with them their own unique special abilities and gameplay elements. Each one will work differently than the other, making players deploy different traps, use different B.O.W.s and even plot a different approach to how they will take out survivors.


Alex Wesker will be making her first appearance since Resident Evil Revelations 2 where she comes off differently than most villains. Alex is known for taking every indirect approach possible to achieving her end-game goal, which allows her to put her subjects through horrific psychological treatment alongside disturbing experiments. Players will emphasize on the use of traps while manipulating the map with roadblocks and enhanced zombies along the way.

Those traps and zombies not working? She can even call upon the vicious and carnivorous planet Yateveo to do her building, despite it being a stationary bioweapon that could prevent players from escaping. On the other hand, you have Ozwell E. Spencers, known for his time in Resident Evil as a shadowy antagonist who manipulates the world around him using the Umbrella Corporations’ strengths to his advantage.


Spencer will utilize his ability to control technology to his advantage, using lasers, traps, and other means to prevent players from escaping and or inflicting damaging wounds such as his Disintegration Field that will severely damage, if not eliminate, a survivor were they to be caught within the trap. You can also check out some new details about two newly announced maps as well as their artwork, down below, as provided to us by Capcom:

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  • Casino: An entertainment facility for thrill-seekers… and insidious Masterminds. Its still-operating slot machines and chips strewn across the floor tell the eerie tale of how hastily it was deserted during the collapse of Raccoon City.
    Abandoned Park: A horror-themed park located on the outskirts of Raccoon City. It too was left abandoned when zombies and bioweapons overran Raccoon City. Now, monsters both real and imagined now patiently await visitors.

Resident Evil Resistance, the upcoming multiplayer title that will be included with Resident Evil 3 when it launches on April 3rd, 2020, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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