Blob, Toad, and more added to MARVEL Strike Force in the latest update

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MARVEL Strike Force sees three new characters added to its roster, bringing the roster including Toad and Ironheart. 

MARVEL Strike Force is getting bigger and bigger with every update, adding an average of two to three new characters with every drop. The latest batch is no different as we get to see two renowned X-Men villains join the roster, seeing two Brotherhood of Mutants members hit the spotlight: Blob and Toad.

Alongside them comes Tony Star’s protege, Riri Williams, as Ironheart. Each character will come with their own playstyles seeing Toad enters the roster as a Controller type, using his ability to lash out at enemies with negative effects, clearing their positive effects, and teaming up with Blob to deliver some heavy synergy attacks.

Using his mass to his advantage, Blob comes in as a great Protector, allowing him to apply Slow to enemy forces while crushing them with an area of effect attacks, using taunts, and even taking advantage of the battlefield like the Protector (tank type) he is. Then there’s Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, who takes advantage of her spot on the Power Armor Team, allowing her to use a Blaster to light up her teams enemies with explosive area of effect attacks, using Ability Block, Defense Down, and gaining Assist when teamed up with Iron Man on her basic attacks.

Along with these neat little additions, you also see some new abilities hitting the battleground with Iron Man gaining additional damage from each Power Armor ally on his team; War Machine getting an increased speed for faster movement; Magneto getting a new Resistance to Brotherhood allies resistance, allowing his teammates to become seemingly immune to Taunt abilities.

Lastly, you see Juggernaut fill the Speed Bar of all other Protector allies when in a battle scenario. You can check out the full list of changes to some of of the characters down below for the Hydra members of the game:

  • Hydra Grenadier – Increased Health, Focus, and Resistance. His Basic ability now deals more damage, pierces more armor and applies Slow to targeted foes. Additionally, his Special deals more damage and double the attack!
  • Hydra Rifle Trooper – Increased Health, Focus and Resistance and his special now deals Piercing damage. His Passive now grants additional damage to Hydra Minions and Red Skull.
  • Hydra Sniper – Increased Focus, Resistance, Armor and Damage. His Basic can deal more Piercing damage and his Special grants Offense Up to himself and allies.
  • Hydra Armored Guard – Increased Health, Armor, Focus and Resistance. His Basic attack now applies Assist Now to Hydra Rifle Trooper allies. Additionally his Special now Heals additional health per Debuff removed.
  • Hydra Scientist – Increased Armor, Focus, and Resistance. His basic applies Heal Block if Red Skull is an ally on his squad. His Special’s energy cost has been reduced by half and has a stronger heal and applies Deflect. Passively gain more Health to self and ally Hydra Minions and Red Skull, and Passively apply Regen and Buffs to the most injured Hydra allies. On War Defense, when enemies fall below half Health, apply Defense and Offense Down to that enemy.

You can download MARVEL Strike Force today as a free-to-play title on Android and iOS devices today.

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