Everspace 2 looks absolutely astounding in its latest screenshots

Everspace 2 is looking even better after the recent images and trailer released which show off the games brand-new UI, new drones, and concept art pieces, which will be available when the game heads into Early Access later this year.

If you’ve never had the chance to play Everspace, you really should stop everything you are doing and go give it a whirl today. It’s an absolute blast and believe it or not, the game actually looks pretty damn good no matter what platform you play it on. However, it goes to say that their games have been a hit on Kickstarter, both having met their funding goals and allowing them to move forward into further development and release preparations.

In their latest update for their upcoming title, the awesome folks at ROCKFISH Games have released a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming sequel, EVERSPACE 2, which shows off some amazing new UI improvements, concept art pieces, and some new drones most of us fans probably can’t wait to get our hands on in the future.

Along with the news, the team has also revealed that an Early Access version is currently at, which believe it or not, is in the works and will be on its way in the upcoming rather soon believe it or not and will be – hopefully – hitting shelves starting in April for Kickstarter backers. Check out that beautiful fanvid down below:

Along with the update, the ROCKFISH Games has revealed that they are still working on getting the game where they want it and that they’ve been internally playtesting the game as of recent. You’ll even get a chance to see some of that in action in the upcoming days when they have it ready in a future development update.

So what about these new changes you read about, drones, UI, etc? Well, there’s a lot going on here so we have a lot to look forward to as well. Unlike the first game, ROCKFISH has come out and stated that they are working on new drones, which includes new highly-detailed models, new opponents to fight against, and plenty more designs to keep fans guessing at what they will face against.

“If you have played the original EVERSPACE you may have noticed that drones were more of a ‘thing’ than in any other (space) game. Due to our limited budget back then, we could not afford to create a plethora of high-detailed enemy spaceships. However, having a lot of opponents with a broad range of behaviors was paramount to keep things interesting, especially for a roguelike. So, coming up with many types of different drones was the way to go,” states ROCKFISH Games in their recent press release.

You can check out the new Drones down below. Please note, this information is taken directly from the press release and thus, all information is sourced by ROCKFISH Games:


The Outlaw Sniper Drone uses a targeting laser to focus on enemies from afar. If the line of sight is not interrupted for a couple of seconds the target will be hit by a deadly rail gunshot. If you are quick enough you may be able to evade the shot, but your main strategy should be to take cover before the drone fires. Close in on the drone while avoiding being in the open for too long in order to take it down or turn the tables and snipe it with a rail gun yourself.


This drone is packed with devastating explosives, and it only has one goal: to close in on a hostile unit and crash into it, triggering a huge explosion. Luckily, the Detonator Drone is quite noisy once it settles for a target, so you will at least hear that it’s about to annihilate you if you do not initiate countermeasures immediately.

You can also check out some of the concept art and UI images released by ROCKFISH Games today in the gallery down below: 

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Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up to date as more information about Everspace 2 is released. Meanwhile, check out our review of Everspace today!

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