EVERSPACE 2 receives a release timeline update and various other updates


After appearing at PAX East, EVERSPACE 2 from ROCKFISH GAMES, the team has revealed some internal insights as well as an important discussion regarding the future of their game. Here’s the scoop.

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Everspace 2 looks absolutely astounding in its latest screenshots

Everspace 2 is looking even better after the recent images and trailer released which show off the games brand-new UI, new drones, and concept art pieces, which will be available when the game heads into Early Access later this year.

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Review: Everspace – There’s Never Enough Space for Survival


+Extremely beautiful and atmospheric
+A generous blend of rogue-like gameplay and space themed combat
+Offers exceptionally well devised gameplay difficulty spikes
+Weapons never feel underpowered or under-utilized

-Flight controls feel a bit dodgy for the first few hours
-Upgrading ships feels minor and almost effectively inefficient

In recent days, it seems that every science fiction title wants to make it big. We’ve seen games ranging from Elite Dangerous, Eve: Valkyrie Warzone, and even Star Citizen, show their own unique takes on what it means to make a great science fiction dogfighting title. Among them comes the newly release indie title Everspace by ROCKFISH Games GmbH.  A title that seeks to join the already ever-so-populated combat simulator genre. But the biggest question of the all: Can a game that’s been in Early Access for a little over a year do so and do it well enough?

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