A Letter From our Editor: About our news articles appearing on other sites


After receiving a few emails tipping us off about our content appearing on various other websites without linkbacks or sourcing, our editors have released an official statement regarding this matter.

Hello everyone,

Earlier this week it was brought to our attention that we have been appearing on various other websites, our articles being copied in full, and no credit being given to us as an entity, which goes against every copyright law even possible.

As of today, I want to make it very clear: We are not associated with those sites (1stgamers, etc). We do not mind our news being shared on social media outlets, we do not mind you linking back and starting discussions based upon the content of which we create. What we do mind is the misuse of the material you see us post here on our site.

Any sites we have collaborated with or content creators, we have listed in our “About Us” page under our “Ethics Policy” tab, which includes our content appearing on N4G (a news gathering site), Reddit’s subreddit for Gaming News, OpenCritic (a review score aggregation site), and our associated social media pages.

Please note, for those who do intend to source our material, we highly encourage you to do so as we do it quite often by linking to news and review outlets of all sizes from around the world, but we ALWAYS ensure we will link back to the original source that we quoted.

Thank you for your understanding and as always, we hope you have a wonderful time and stay tuned for our upcoming content throughout the days, the weeks, the months, and even years ahead.


The Blast Away the Game Review team

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