TERA’s ‘The Yule War’ begins today for PC players


Things are getting a little festive in TERA as the seasonal event The Yule War begins and ushers in the return of Wintera and the Golden Gift Box events. Here’s the full scoop.

If you’re a TERA player on PC, your chance to get in on some seasonal shenanigans has finally come as En Masse Entertainment has revealed that their seasonal event, ‘The Yule War’ has once more arrived. With it, players can also return to Wintera and the Golden Gift Box events.

Players will have from today until January 1st, 2020, to partake in the holiday festivities in order to earn themed rewards no matter where at in the world they are. This means you can contribute to the event deep in deadly dungeons, through the thick of the battlegrounds, or even while just exploring the world around you.

But don’t forget, Santa has landed in TERA, which means, well, there are a great many impersonators showing up as well and they must be shown the errors in their ways. Those who are lucky enough to defeat Big Santas will have a chance to win the Santa Alpaca mount to display your holiday spirit all year round.

Dungeoneers, you can also have a bit of fun of your own. You can earn Santa’s Yule Treasure Map pieces for completing dungeons that are eligible dungeons during the course of the event. Combining two halves of the map will allow you to retrieve clues to hidden locations where they will be greeted by Kron, the Santa Cat.

From there, you’ll be lead to your treasures, rewarding you with useful in-game items along with additional keys to open Santa’s gift Boxes within the game. For more information about the ongoing event, you can check out more information regarding the Golden Gift Boxes and “The Yule War” update, Wintera, and Holiday events by clicking on the links below:

TERA is available as a free-to-play title on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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