TERA’s Awakening release date for consoles revealed


Players can expect to jump into the new TERA and enjoy the all-new Apex class skills for all 13 classes and the brand-new Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon later this month on consoles.

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TERA’s ‘The Yule War’ begins today for PC players


Things are getting a little festive in TERA as the seasonal event The Yule War begins and ushers in the return of Wintera and the Golden Gift Box events. Here’s the full scoop.

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TERA to receive a Attack on Titan cross-over this month

TERA × Attack on Titan 01

The smash-hit anime series Attack on Titan is preparing to invade the free-to-play MMO TERA by En Masse Entertainment. The event will feature clothing options as well as in-game items for fans to enjoy.
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TERA Online’s New Valkyrie Class Brings in a Big Hitter


With news that TERA Online by En Masse Entertainment preparing for its PlayStation 4 debut, players can prepare even more on PC with the latest class to enter the game: The Valkyrie. This new class will be introduced with the games new Honorbound update, which will launch on April 11th for PC users.

The brand-new class is one that brings in a character that is rife with lore and brings in a unique take on the famed legendary creatures. Those who use a Valkyrie will find their character quick at dispersing enemies with the runeglaive and a temper to follow. As an Action MMORPG, TERA keeps true to its mechanics with this latest class.

For those needing a bit of background, you can read the class description by En Masse down below.

Valkyries are an ancient Castanic martial order who have returned from exile to help fight the Archdevan army. They originate in a culture that celebrates freedom and express that through a fluid combat style. Close-combat specialists with a dual-focus on crowd control and burst damage, a Valkyrie’s weapons, armor, and skill sets are designed to set up opponents for massive attacks. These attacks generate Runemarks, a new combat mechanic exclusive to the Valkyrie class, for them to exploit and explode. Combining fast movement with high damage, Valkyries will be a dominant factor in any battle.

As stated, this new content update will be available on April 11th for those looking to try out this new vengeful class.

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