CODE VEIN’s latest trailer shows off The Invading Executioner boss


As the September 27th, 2019, release date for Code Vein grows nearer, we’re getting another major look at the long-awaited action-RPG coming from Bandai Namco. Here’s our first look at the Invading Executioner boss.

The latest trailer is finally here as Bandai Namco has given us a first look at one of the newest bosses to be revealed for CODE VEIN since it was first given a solidified release date. Bandai Namco has, however, revealed this boss to the press before in a demo that press members were invited to experience the encounter before the release.

The trailer shows just how difficult that the Invading Executioner will be once CODE VEIN launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this summer. Her attacks will be rather brutal, allowing her to deliver quick high-damage attacks in rather short bursts. Let alone will her attacks be fast, she will be able to maneuver into attack range rather quickly, allowing her damage players while she’s on her way to them, only to follow up her attack with a massive AOE explosion.

The trailer feature above gives us a good look at what to expect ranging from dance-inspired moves to a wide array of damaging attacks that make her one formidable foe for even the bravest of adventurers that hunt her down. Her phases will differentiate, requiring players to adjust to a multitude of play styles, not limited to that of close-quarters combat to a fight where mid-range combat becomes an effective choice.

While Code Vein will feature co-op multiplayer at launch, don’t expect it to be easy, as each fight undoubtedly seems to be designed around this very gameplay element and will always keep unfortunate thrill-seekers on their toes.

You can check out our preview for Code Vein today and see what we thought of the Network Test of the game just a short few weeks back.

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