RAGE 2’s official launch trailer and it still puns Wal-Mart Canada


Giant robots, old men, mutants, crazy punk-rock rejects, and big freaking guns, what else could go wrong in RAGE 2? Well, a lot really, and Walker is about to tell us all about his crazy and wild world. Just don’t go losing your pants like some of these guys have. Also, “Thanks Wal-Mart Canada”.

RAGE 2 is almost here and with it, a lot of brand new trailers, and a lot of hype about the upcoming title that was co-developed by both Avalanche Studios and id Software. Their new vision doesn’t just bring the lunacy of the world of RAGE to life. It takes it one step further and delivers a big freaking punch with it, including a nice little punch towards Wal-Mart Canada who leaked the game ahead of its E3 2018 reveal.

The best part about the entire trailer above? It’s wild, it’s wacky, and it’s just as crazy as what we experienced with our time playing RAGE 2 during QuakeCon 2018. You can check out more below in our extended coverage of the game ahead of its May 14th, 2019, release date.

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Stay tuned for our review of RAGE 2 post-launch.

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