Layers of Fear 2 announced with a gameplay trailer


Layers of Fear 2 will put players in the feet of an actor whose film director has gone mad instead of a painter this time around. However, it’s not letting go of the “artist gone mad” theme the series is building itself upon.

If there’s one thing Bloober Team is good at, it’s making us extremely uncomfortable, and they aren’t holding back their chance to do it once again. This time, we’re in the feet of an actor, one who has been stranded on an ocean liner at the mercy of a film director that has gone absolutely bonkers.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not because of the ocean bobbing their liner up and down, but rather something else entirely. If you already had a nice little trip with Rutger Hauer in >observer_ and our silent protagonist in Layers of Fear , then you already know this “artist gone mad” experience isn’t something to bat your lashes at. It’s truly a creepy theme and it’s one that will make you quiver in your shoes from time to time.

The best part of today’s announcement? You only have a few weeks to wait as Bloober Team has announced their game will set sail on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting on May 28th, 2019. Joining the big-name cast of actors in their games, Tony Todd (Candyman), will be joining the cast.

If you’re hoping for a subtle and atmospheric soundtrack, one is on its way, and it doesn’t seem you’ll have a chance to do any of the horror-survival antics you’ve seen in more recent games. It’ll truly be another cinematic-esque experience through an extremely artistically-designed world.

If anyone has caused this to pique our interest, we have Tony Todd to thank for his amazing trailer narration, and it seems his time in horror films will pay off as a voice actor as well.

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