QuakeCon 2019 is about to make it hotter than Hell in London


As fans from the states prepare to rip and tear their way into the Year of Doom, Bethesda has just revealed some mighty big news: QuakeCon is coming to London, this July.

For us, QuakeCon is a tradition in gaming. For many others, it is also a tradition, one that has continued on for over 20 years down in Dallas, TX, starting out with a few hardcore fans of DOOM and QUAKE. However, over the years, it has grown into something monumental. It has grown into not just a massive LAN party where friends from around the world get together, but something even bigger. It has become Bethesda’s own private E3 where they show off some of the latest titles as they prepare for release.

On the downside, QuakeCon has been exclusive to the United States, as it is based out of Dallas, TX, but, that’s about to change. As of today, Bethesda has revealed that QuakeCon is coming to London during the same exact week, running through the weekend of July 26th and July 27th. On that Friday and Saturday, you can expect to see some major news surrounding upcoming and recently released projects including DOOM Eternal, The Elder Scrolls Online, and even RAGE 2.

Bethesda hasn’t made it clear if we can expect any major announcements for upcoming titles or if this year is just going to be a big, big, birthday bash for their currently released and their upcoming DOOM title. For those wondering, there are a few restrictions pertaining to the attendance of QuakeCon London. You will need to be 18 years or older and it is highly suggested you pre-register ahead of the event. The event, just like the one in Dallas, is free-to-attend, and the tickets will become available rather soon.

For QuakeCon London, Bethesda has outlined what the two days will pertain to with July 26th being a “Exclusive Preview Day” while the 27th will be a “Public Access Day” according to the official site. With this year being “The Year of Doom”, we can expect to see a lot of DOOM Eternal, and our hopes for a playable version at both the United States and European events.

We just hope we can get our hands on that invader mode and cut down a few other ambitious players ourselves during the event. You can stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated if any new information is released about both of the upcoming events. Meanwhile, go, register, and we hope to see you at QuakeCon (you can register here) down in Dallas.

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