Agony Unrated to release Oct. 31, Switch version announced


After an odd turn of events prevented the original Agony UNRATED from being released, Madmind Studios, the team behind the Hellscape filled horror title, has revealed that they have been given the green light to release the UNRATED version of the game. Here’s everything you need to know.

What seems like an odd turn of events for a game that was as successful as it was during its Kickstarter campaign, Madmind Studios ended up in the hot seat when they announced they would be releasing the unrated version of AGONY. Today, however, marks a new day for Madmind Studios as they press on to fulfill their Kickstarter promise of a disturbing and Hellish journey through Hell itself.

Set to release exclusively for PC on Oct. 31, 2018, Madmind Studios is wanting to give you everything you asked for and a little more, but there are a few things you should know about this upcoming version of the game. After all, it’s going to offer a slightly different experience from the one Agony offered fans earlier this year.


There will be changes from the original version

Since their announcement back in January, the developers being Agony have been hard at work trying to figure out how to offer you one of the most haunting experiences to date. In order to do so, they had to work hard in fixing bugs, offering new content and even work their way into adding in the censored content they had previously promised. In order to give fans the experience, they intended for them to have, Madmind Studio has revealed a ton of changes from the previous version, including a price drop and discount for fans who backed the game or bought the original launch, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

As part of the announcement, Madmind Studios has revealed a new and improved set of character models and texture files to offer a more desired experience for their fans. Along with the new models and textures comes a rather large amount of changes including a new Sukkub mode, eight new endings, a new environment known as the forest and even an Agony Mode that sees players take on the Hell they once knew with new traps and boss fights to enjoy.

Due to all the new changes, let’s take a look at the official list down below:

  • Improved quality of character models and textures
  • New types of threats – Traps
  • New types of environmental threats
  • New types of static opponents
  • A new, more extensive and useful character development system,
    Volumetric lighting
  • Normal Mode and Hard Mode with more opponents and puzzles
  • Completely new type of environment – the Forest, added to the procedurally generated Agony Mode, which now also includes additional traps and boss fights,
  • 8 different endings in the Story Mode
  • Possibility to follow the story mode as a Sukkub
  • Sukkub Mode and Agony Mode are unlocked at the first start of the game
  • Many new, uncensored scenes
  • Black and red image filter, inspired by the Agony trailers,
  • World map and minimap
  • The possibility of setting up a fire and killing some opponents as a martyr,
  • Sacrificial altars
  • New and modified paths for the player
  • Numerous technical improvements to the basic version of the game and much more.

With all of the upcoming changes, it sounds like Madmind Studios has been hard at work developing they promise their fans all those months ago.


Agony is coming to Nintendo Switch

As part of their announcement today, Madmind Studio has also confirmed that they have teamed up with their colleagues at Ultimate Games to make a Nintendo Switch version of the game possible. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Agony for the Nintendo Switch will be the Unrated version, but rather the version we saw in the previous release.

We would like to inform that thanks to establishing cooperation with our colleagues from Ultimate Games, Agony will also be released in the Nintendo Switch version. The premiere is planned for the end of 2018.


Agony Unrated could be heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date

For fans that don’t have a PC strong enough to handle Agony UNRATED, Madmind Studios has also made the statement that they are looking to do so with a boxed release. Unfortunately, the team has confirmed this can only be done if the PC version manages to do well and is well received by both the press and their fans.

As part of their intention of releasing the uncensored version of the game, they have expressed their interest in doing so, but with a minor catch, “Unfortunately, means Agony Unrated can never appear as a Digital Edition on consoles. If players and reviewers positively receive Agony Unrated, we will try to get a contract with the publisher who will agree to issue a limited number of copies of the boxed game, both on PS4 and Xbox One. The release of the game in a box version is the only option for the production with the “Adult Only” age rating to appear on consoles.

While the statement does put a slight dampener on the hopes of their fans, Madmind Studio seems excited that the possibility is even there, but unfortunately, this does mean console fans will have to order the game directly from the publisher due to the content the game will have with it on release.


Buying the PC version comes at a slightly smaller cost thanks to a small discount on the game

Now, if you are looking to dive into Agony UNRATED in the next week and a half, Madmind Studios has confirmed the pricing for owners of the original game, but also those who backed the Kickstarter campaign when it was going.

For those who backed Agony while it was on Kickstarter, Madmind Studio has confirmed that the new release will come free of charge. All you’ll have to do is go to the store and install it from there. Those who bought the original game will get 90% off the $14.99 USD price tag the game will have.


Will you brave the depths of Hell and take on the challenges of the Red Goddess herself?

For more information, you can visit the official Kickstarter post where Madmind Studio breaks down all the information behind Agony UNRATED and why it didn’t happen back in June.

Due to the nature of the content of the newly released trailer, you will have to go to the Official Agony YouTube channel in order to view the new teaser trailer the team has released.

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