Assault Spy receives new features and a new character, trailer released


Assault Spy is an upcoming spy-themed title where you’ll dash, smash, and evade your foes as you try to uncover the dark secrets that the Negabot mega-corporation has kept hidden from the world while trying to save the company from a hostile take over.

As the Early Access period gets well underway for Assault Spy quickly approaches, NIS America has revealed a host of new features ranging from a new character, a new dojo mode where you can practice your character’s combat capabilities, a deathmarch mode, a new Guard Break gameplay feature, and even a new gameplay trailer for those eagerly awaiting to play the game can enjoy.

As one of the new features, NIS has revealed that Agent Amelia is now available to try out in the Dojo Mode for Assault Spys for those looking to see what she is all about. Unlike the already established agent Asaru who is all about high-speed dashing and well-timed moves, Amelia is a hard-hitting brawler, one that’s ready to take knock out anyone that is put before her and even help them get an early afternoon nap.

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In the newly announced Death March mode, you will fight your way through floor after floor of enemies as a timer quickly counts downtime. However, there is a trick to this newly announced mode. The quicker you defeat enemies, the more time you get, and the higher the battle rank you achieve, the more time you get from each enemy eliminated. Int his mode there are no checkpoints, which means time is of the essence and a “Game Over” or time has run out, you’ll start from scratch once again and have to smash your way through enemy hordes once more.

The last, but least is the newly announced Guard Break gameplay feature. Bosses and certain tough enemies have been given a Guard meter, which can be depleted by hitting enemies enough times from the front, which will break their Guard. Once their guard is broken, you have a chance to unleash as many deadly combos as you can, quickly eliminating your foes. However, their Guard does recharge rather quickly, so take advantage of it while you can.

NIS has confirmed that Assault Spy will increase in price starting next week, jumping from $19.99 USD to $24.99 USD and then up to $29.99 USD when it officially launches. Prices will vary based upon their respective regions. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as more information becomes available as we approach the launch of the game.

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