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Known for their push into mobile games and web browser titles, publisher Kongregate Games and developer Double Stallion Games have announced their upcoming 2D combat-racer that will feature platforming and brawling elements with Speed Brawl.

Kongregate, known for their publishing of mobile, console, PC, and web browser-based games, has announced today the upcoming title Speed Brawl, a unique twist on 2D racing games and brawling titles. In the newly released announcement and the trailer, Double Stallion Games and Kongregate have given us our first look at their upcoming title which features razor-sharp visuals, cartoon-like animated characters, and gameplay mechanics.

Players will need to keep an eye on their characters stamina bar as they move throughout every level, bashing their way through endless obstacles and challenges they will face. You can see a full list of features and the trailer down below.


    • Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters.


  • Over 50 unique action-packed championships and challenges.
  • Build a tag-team from 6 vibrant brawlers each with unique play style and distinct personalities.
  • An imaginative and humorous story throughout will reveal high drama and even higher stakes for each brawler!
  • Suit up! – Devise your brawler’s optimal loadout. Buy, win, and sell equipment to fashion the ultimate fighters.
  • Invest in skill upgrades for heavier hits and flashier style.
  • A fluid and deep combat system. Speed Brawl’s freeform combos let you chain together ground and air combos, special moves, assists, and tag attacks for ultimate devastation.
  • Move on up to the big leagues! Conquer escalating hazards and devious bosses in the Threepenny, Sixpence, Florin, and Crown leagues. Each league is run by a unique and diabolical league owner with their own plans to halt your Speed Brawl career
  • Gotta go fast! – The faster you are, the harder your hit. Go for gold and blast through to the finish line.
  • Brawl solo or brawl with a friend – Online and local co-operative play throughout!


Speed Brawl is set in a dystopic Victorian era London. After a decade of war with the Lunar invaders named the Selenites, the British Empire finally vanquished the insect-like menace; following the war, the Selenites became the new workforce of our industrial revolution, ushering in a new era of progress and prosperity. However, listlessness and disobedience rampaged throughout the middle and working classes. In order to satiate the masses, the ultimate entertainment, Speed Brawl, was created; an elite sport where only the bravest, the fastest, and the most worthy warriors could wage a petty war against the Selenite hordes. To prove your worth in this chaotic world filled with colour and calamity you’ve gotta fight, for your right… to… Speed Brawl!

Speed Brawl is set to release this September on Katrridge, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. You can visit the official Steam page today to put the game on your wishlist starting today.

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