Free-to-Play title RockShot’s latest title update includes brandnew features


Released last month in early access, Rockshot from Soleil and Gameforge have been hard at work with their free-to-play title RockShot. Their latest update includes a list of new features ranging from login bonuses to two new maps. Find out what has shipped with this major new content update starting today.

When games get massive updates, we’re not always used to seeing completely new bonuses, additions, and even new items to obtain or enjoy. However, that’s not just the case here and Soleil along with Gameforge want us to know they have quite a bit more under their sleeves for fans to enjoy.With the new update, you can get ready to enjoy a ton of new features brought to life based on player feedback, including changes to the overall game along with newly launched content to enjoy. So let’s take a look at what you can enjoy starting now outside of new Event Modes, vanity items, and plenty more.

  • New Maps: Old Dominion, Boot Camp, Navy Base and Rockies
  • World Cup 2018 Cosmetics
  • New Daily Login and Mission Rewards
  • New Event Mode: Close Quarters
  • Mode Selection: Drill, RAID and Events
  • Expanded Language Support: English, German and as of today French, Polish and Turkish. Spanish and Italian to follow in a few days.

After player feedback, Gameforge and Soleil have confirmed that they want to make RockShot the best game they can and thus have addressed the server issues from launch, game optimization problems, and have even removed and refunded the “wack AF” Pay-to-Win features from the game. Why? They want the game to be the best they can make it and they want you to absolutely enjoy your time with their title.

About RockShot:

RockShot is a new strategic F2P shooter that knows what you dig most: full-frontal assaults, melee-based ultra-violence and good old-fashioned teamwork. Rock and roll your way to victory in high-adrenaline competitive multiplayer firefights, forming #SQADs made up of ruffians, rockers and degenerates. Supremacy is the number one goal in RockShot, so teamwork is essential. Coordinate your attacks to strategically dismantle the opposition and expand your territories.

Forge a team of punks and renegades to attack enemy bases together in RAID mode, or design your own bases and defend them tooth and nail against assaults. Expand the borders of your territory and increase your sphere of influence across the map. Earned resources can be invested in a powerful arsenal to keep the enemy at bay — from standard issue firearms and machine guns to earth-shattering airstrikes. Are you a fan of beating people senseless? Perfect your melee combos using a variety of toys, including katanas and “Flying Vanguard” electric guitars. RockShot isn’t for the faint-hearted, so nut up or shut up!

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