Gears of War franchise has three new games revealed


Gears of War 5, Gears of War pops!, and Gears of War Tactics have all three been announced during Microsoft’s E3 showcase.

Microsoft isn’t ashamed of the fact that the Gears of War franchise has one of their biggest fanbases ever. Known for its dark, brutal, and sci-fi setting, Gears of War has captivated fans around the world since its debut on Xbox 360 back in 2006. However, there’s a lot going on and some of them are a very first for the Gears of War series.


Gears of War 5 | Release: TBA | Platforms: XB1 and Windows 10

Set shortly after the events of Gears of War 4, fans will once more get to see JD, Marcus, Kait, and company make a return to the Xbox One. This time around, however, things have changed. James (J.D.) is having a hard time coping with the events of Gears of War 4 and has become cold, bitter, and spiteful to those around him. Marcus, however, has returned to be the man we know.

A man led by his compassion for others, his sense of humanity, and his want to end the fighting once and for all, however, things have changed. Kait is changing, she knows she is, and now, she urges them to return to where it all begin after holding up a Locust medallion. Their fear? Something bad is happening to Kait and it could very well see their worst fears come true.


Gears of War pop! | Release: TBA | Platforms: Mobile

There’s no secret that collector’s around the world absolutely love their pop! figurines. Trust us, we do, and we collect them quite a bit! However, what if you had a game going mobile, and you could see a unique partnership between pops! and Microsoft bring your collection to life on a mobile device?

That’s exactly what it looks like Gears of War pops! is going to do when it releases for mobile devices.


Gears of War Tactics | Release Date: TBA | Platform: PC

Tactical games are no stranger to Microsoft. They’ve done it before with the release of Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2, however, Gears of War Tactics is changing that up. Taking place at where it all started, Gears of War Tactics will see that fans of the series enjoy an entirely new approach to the already well-established franchise. In an isometric view, you will control never-before-seen characters, new squads, and even see entirely new battles ensue.

The only downside to Gears of War fans without a PC? There are currently no plans to bring Gears of War Tactics to Xbox One and Xbox One X at this time.

You can see the trailers for all three down below.

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