Report: Discord looking to sell to Microsoft for $10 billion or go public

Discord is looking to possibly be purchased by a company such as Microsoft for an estimated $10 billion USD or go public according to recent reports. Here’s what you need to know ahead of time.

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda bolsters their first-party offerings for the better

While the Xbox 360 reigned supreme against Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, the Xbox One consoles have suffered in their fight to compete against the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Now, Microsoft is seeking victory with their acquisition of Bethesda and their studios.

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Phil Spencer on the possible price jump on next-gen games


After the reveal that NBA 2K21 will be $69.99, gamers have begun to feel unsure about the future cost of games, which will set them up at a starting price point of $69.99 instead of $59.99, which has been commonplace for two console generations.

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Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Consoles discontinued


As the console shortage continues, there’s a very likely chance you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Xbox One X or Xbox One S All-Digital Edition consoles as Microsoft has confirmed they are discontinuing production.

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Project xCloud Preview: A Cloud-based video game streaming service done right


For the past few weeks, we’ve been quietly testing Project xCloud, the premier streaming service utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud system, which seems it could shape the future of Cloud-based streaming and how gaming content is delivered.

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Xbox’s Games With Gold and Game Pass Ultimate for February 2020 revealed


Here’s your official line-up of Xbox Live with Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s February line-up additions to those looking to get the games they want.

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Xbox Series X releases in 2020, new controller design shown


During The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took to the stage to reveal their upcoming next-gen hardware previously called Project Scarlett, giving it the official name Xbox Series X. Except there was one thing no one’s talking about – Hardware.

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Xbox One Elite Controller Series 1 Review – Four years of Wear and Tear


For four years, almost being used every-single-day, this Xbox One Elite Controller Series 1 has taken a beating, being used day in and day out for PC and Xbox One use as well as seeing itself get everyday wear and tear including the occasional drop at the hands of a five-year-old gamer. So how has it held up? 

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Microsoft is releasing Xbox hygiene products. No, seriously, they are.


No, we aren’t trolling. Microsoft and the parent company of Axe are teaming up for a brand new marketing push with Xbox from Lynx.

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Dying mother left her signature on her son’s Xbox Controller with a message


Credit: Afterglow13

Knowing you’re losing your loved one is tough, but making sure their memory remains is even tougher, and for this gamer, it’s even harder after his mother left her memory and a sweet farewell message on his Xbox One controller.

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