Microsoft is releasing Xbox hygiene products. No, seriously, they are.


No, we aren’t trolling. Microsoft and the parent company of Axe are teaming up for a brand new marketing push with Xbox from Lynx.

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Dying mother left her signature on her son’s Xbox Controller with a message


Credit: Afterglow13

Knowing you’re losing your loved one is tough, but making sure their memory remains is even tougher, and for this gamer, it’s even harder after his mother left her memory and a sweet farewell message on his Xbox One controller.

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Review: Xbox Game Pass – A Budget-friendly option for Xbox gamers


After almost a year with Xbox Game Pass, it’s finally time to talk about its pros, it cons and whether the service is a massive win for Microsoft. Here are our thoughts.

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Project xCloud: Here’s what you need to know


Project xCloud is Microsoft’s next step in bridging the gap between consoles and PC gaming on mobile devices ranging from mobile phones and tablets in order to offer a high-end gaming experience.

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Xbox has responded to PlayStation Classic announcement in a comedic way


Yesterday, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a response to Nintendo’s line-up of rebooted digital-only consoles with a version of their own. Now, Microsoft has chimed in with a great response and one that actually makes complete sense without the need for nostalgia.

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The Halo: The Master Chief Collection just received a 73GB Update


Just a week ahead of the collection’s release on Sept. 1 for the Microsoft Game Pass library, Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a massive patch which aims to bring Xbox One X support, but also fix some long-standing issues that have plagued the game.

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Gears of War franchise has three new games revealed


Gears of War 5, Gears of War pops!, and Gears of War Tactics have all three been announced during Microsoft’s E3 showcase.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller makes gaming easier for disabled gamers


For the disabled, gaming is a hard thing to do. With some having limited functionality, limited mobility, or another disability, the Xbox Adaptive Controller aims to be the answer to all.

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How’d the Xbox One do in 2017? Lets Take a Look.


2017 has been a trying year for Microsoft. The Xbox One was off to a slow start and received hefty criticism when their exclusive IP Scalebound was cancelled. With the console having been on the market for its fourth year, we may feel that its stay has been a bit of both lackluster and somehow encouraging all at once.

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Blizzard Opens Up About Overwatch and Xbox One X


The Xbox One X is not a small deal by any means. It is a powerhouse, one that not even Sony had possibly foreseen doing what it has, and bringing native 4K gameplay to a living room near you. In order to prove that they have what it takes for 4K gaming, Microsoft has doubled down, and has shown an exemplary display of love for video games.

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