Square Enix releases the Mod Organizer for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition


Square Enix is making life a little easier for those who decide to mod their Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition experience. As part of their initiative to help support their community, Square Enix has released an official mod organizer for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. 

Modding is never easy. If you’re a fan of modding your games, there’s a lot that goes on with this tidbit, and there’s even more that goes on when it comes to choosing what mods you want active, what mods you don’t, and what order you want those mods to load. Now, starting this week, Square Enix has made a modders life a tidbit easier when it comes to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Mod Organizer for those using STEAM, Origin, and Windows 10 edition’s of the game.

The new organizer allows you to convert art assets into mod data and incorporate them into the game world in whatever way you wish. You can even replace existing models and their textures, and you can even change the appearances of Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, Ignis, as well as anyone within the supporting cast such as Ardyn, Aranea, and even Cindy.


Aside from altering just the characters, modders can even alter things such as character outfits and costumes by replacing them with new designs. Square Enix has also revealed that weapons themselves can be modded with modders having the freedom to create brand new weapons and set their parameters in the Mod Organizer itself.

To ensure in-game balance, new weapons will have a limited amount of points that can be distributed to them. How many points to be exact? 100, meaning weapons will be limited in what they can do. Modders will be able to define each weapon’s abilities, its performance across specified areas such as Attack, Max HP, MP, vitality, resistance, and even elemental magic. Want that “God Mode” weapon? Well, that’s not quite possible, but the possibilities are endless in what you can make them do.

The MOD ORGANIZER update also includes pre-packaged sample 3D models in order for the fast replacement of costumes, weapons, and advanced customization tools for ensuring maximum creativity. Additionally, Square Enix has designed the MOD ORGANIZER to be easy to use for beginners. Want to get started? Check out the official place to obtain the MOD ORGANIZER down below:

To download the MOD ORGANIZER for Windows and Origin, please visit: http://modtool.finalfantasyxv.com. For STEAM, the MOD ORGANIZER is added to Tools on the STEAM Launcher.

*MOD ORGANIZER does not have the functionality for creating and editing assets such as 3D models. Assets can be created with 3D design software and outputted in FBX format to the Mod Organizer.

For more information on FINAL FANTASY XV, visit: http://www.finalfantasyxv.com/.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is now available on Origin, Steam, and Windows Marketplace today.

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