LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions has closed their doors


Founded by former Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski as the developer behind the ambitious FPS title LawBreakers has ceased to exist after two titles struggled to find success in the current market of video games.

It’s almost hard to believe that Cliff Bleszinski, one of the creative minds behind the famed Gears of War franchise has shut the doors to Boss Key Productions. Founded in 2014 as an independent studio that’s free of big publisher shackles, Cliff Bleszinski and the team at Boss Key Productions worked hard for three years working on their class-based team shooter, which released in August 2017 with the help of Tokyo-based publisher Nexon.

As the game failed to meet expectations and garnish the community that it needed to remain viable, the team worked rather hard to help the game continue on. After months of troubles, it was evident that LawBreakers wasn’t going to succeed. As part of his departure from the industry for the time being and the closure of Boss Key Productions, Cliff opened up in a statement about opening Boss Key Productions for years ago.

Four years ago, I set out to make a world-class video games studio, and I hired some of the best talent in the video game industry. They worked tirelessly to produce quality products, and while we had our ups and downs, I’d like to think that we had fun doing it.

After LawBreakers failing to gain the audience it needed to continue on, the studio seemed to be on the right track by attempting to bounce back with the release of Radical Heights, a free-to-play Battle Royale title that seemed like it had what it would take to pick-up the slack in the upcoming days. However, it quickly failed to catch on due to being in “extreme early access” when it inevitably launched on Steam.

But if his statements prove true, LawBreakers was indeed a great game, one that seemed quite different from its competitor titles Overwatch and Paladins, “Lawbreakers was a great game that, unfortunately, failed to gain traction,” Bleszinski’s statement explains and continues on as to why they released Radical Heights as a last-ditch attempt “we scrambled to do our take on the huge battle royale genre with Radical Heights, which was well received. However, it was too little; too late.”

You can read his full statement down below.

Whatever happens next, we wish the best of luck to Cliff and his former team at Boss Key Productions in their future endeavors.

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  1. You can’t release an early access game that features competative multiplayer and NOT have an Anti-cheat… thats half the reason the game died, the other half is poor marketing, I didn’t even know this game existed until this morning, after doing 2 minutes of research I can see that over 90% of the failed reviews are because of no anti cheat. RIP.

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