LawBreakers has officially been sunsetted by Nexon as servers shut down


Over the weekend, Boss Key Productions’ first of two titles has officially sunset as publisher Nexon moves on without LawBreakers following behind it.

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LawBreakers is officially shutting down this September


Boss Key Productions and Nexon have confirmed that Lawbreakers is shutting down this September, even after critical success, the game just didn’t catch on. Here’s what you need to know.  Continue reading

LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions has closed their doors


Founded by former Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski as the developer behind the ambitious FPS title LawBreakers has ceased to exist after two titles struggled to find success in the current market of video games.

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Opinion: Here’s What Went Wrong With LawBreakers


Lets be honest, LawBreakers isn’t off to the best of starts. It’s struggled with dwindling numbers since its release on PlayStation 4 and PC this past August. Developer Boss Key Productions – formed in 2014 by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski and Guerilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee – has been struggling.

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LawBreaker’s is Down to Dwindling Numbers on PlayStation 4 and PC, but Why? Lets Take a Look.


[Credits: Boss Key Productions]

Earlier this year when I reviewed LawBreakers, I gave the game an 8 out of 10 on its overall score, claiming that the game was a unique endeavor using Zero G/Limited Gravity and classes to separate itself from shooters of the same genre. Their features allowed LawBreakers to successfully find an identity of its own in the current day.

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Review: LawBreakers – To Zero Gravity or Not to Zero Gravity?


Competitive FPS titles aren’t something new. Thanks to games such as Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment, the hero themed fps genre has seen itself grow exponentially over the course of the past year. Games such as Dirty Bomb and Paladin’s have seen success because the reemergence of the genre thanks to the success of Blizzard. To join the genre comes the new kid on the block developed by Boss Key Productions lead by former Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski himself.

Reviewed on PC and PlayStation 4. PC Hardware Used:

  • Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Game Ready Plus
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
  • RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance

While LawBreakers certainly is an FPS title at its core, it embraces everything Overwatch did and openly gives the entire genre itself the giant bird without caring about the results. From an initial look, Boss Key’s first game may look like your typical 5v5 “hero shooter”. Mostly due to the fact that every character brings a unique appearance, set of weapons, combat maneuverability, and  set of abilities to the table.

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LawBreakers Final Beta is Coming This Week


Just days before the game launches on August 8th, developer Boss Key Productions has announced that their final beta is coming soon. Very soon at that. For the firs time, Boss Key Productions has announced that the final open beta will be headed to both PlayStation 4 and PC starting this week.

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