Hellbound is stomping its way onto Kickstarter

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Hellbound is an insanely violent ’90s-inspired FPS by developer Saibot Studios and is preparing to do some serious damage in 2019. A free demo of the game’s Survival Mode is now available via Steam.

Just as New Blood Interactive is helping drive the resurgence of ’90s-inspired FPS titles with games such as AMID EVIL and DUSK, it seems that Saibot Studios is ready to join in on the fun, and is doing so in a more-than-interesting manner.

The team behind the game has only just launched their Kickstarter campaign in the past few days, finding themselves already 25% funded in less than a week. Just like the titles that inspired it, Hellbound is insanely violent, bloody, and filled with the scent of gunpowder and viscera. The team behind the game has already begun to ramp up promotional content for the game, showing off how beautiful it can look with the use of Unreal Engine 4.

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As part of their want to get fans excited for the game, the team’s Survival Mode is an absolutely free download via Steam (link below). In this mode, you’ll take the role of Hellgore, the game’s protagonist, as he bashes, smashes, and blasts his way through hordes of enemies in a wave-based arena mode. As he revels in the chaos and blood of his foes, players will get to enjoy some heavy tunes of both heavy metal and industrial genres in the background.

While it almost seems 20 years too late, Hellbound seems like a perfect candidate to join the ranks of DUSK and AMID EVIL which have already become critically acclaimed games. During your time with Hellgore in his own playground where he will slaughter his foes, players can use his shotgun, The Headcrusher, his triple shotgun, Indolora, and the Rocket Launcher, with more weapons to come in future updates.

Along with the weapons comes Power-ups such as Hell Damage, Hell Speed, and Hell Skin, all of them doing exactly what they sound like: Increased damage, speed, and explosive resistance. If goals are met through their Kickstarter campaign, Saibot studios have revealed that the Survival Mode will just be a teaser for their upcoming single-player campaign, which will include more weapons, enemies, power-ups, and a full story behind Hellgore’s blood-induced rampage against his foes.

Classic ‘90s first-person shooters were my favorite games growing up and they introduced me to video game development,” said Tobias Rusjan, founder of Saibot Studios. “I want to share that love by taking those ideas and dialing them up to 11 in the 21s century.

You can find out more about Hellbound via Saibot Studios’ Kickstarter campaign. You can also check them out on social media via the following links:

Stay tuned for our upcoming impressions of Hellbound’s free-to-play Survival Mode.

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