RAGE 2’s Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots Released


RAGE 2 is currently in development in association with Avalanche Studios, the team that brought you both the Just Cause series and the Mad Max open world title. The most recent trailer gives us a look at new mutants, tribes, gangs, and some massive guns in this post-apocalyptic title.

During yesterday’s teaser trailer, fans may have scratched their heads at what direction RAGE 2 seemed to be going. With all of its neon-poofs of powder, vibrant mohawks, and massive guns, we could only wonder where developers id Software and Avalanche Studios (the team behind the Just Cause franchise and the Mad Max movie tie-in), would be taking their game.

In the trailer, an elite ranger by the name of Walker thrives on massive guns, blood, gore, and a massive love for taking down bigger than life enemies in a very DOOM-like fashion that looks like a spitting image of the previously mentioned game’s glory kill system. This new “Overdrive” mechanic allows Walker to crank their damage to a hundred while moving forward in combat, constantly beating enemies faces in while increasing their chance at better rewards while progressing.

By the look of it and the vibes given off with RAGE 2 and its gameplay trailer, the premise is all-too-familiar. You’ll still be facing down gangs, mutants, and the oppressive Authority that is attempting to take control of the lands. Through the trailer, we do also get to see some of the new landscapes including jungles, swamplands, the ever omnipresent deserts, and even the gangs and tribes that inhabit the lands. You can check out the full gameplay trailer down below.

Currently, RAGE 2 is in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a release window of Spring 2019. With E3 and QuakeCon coming up in the very near future, we can only assume that RAGE 2 will blow fans of the first game away.

Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery down below and stay tuned for our throwback review of RAGE from 2010.

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