BAFTA Young Designer winner, Dan Smith announce The Spectrum Retreat


Today, Ripstone Games and BAFTA Young Game Designer winner, Dan Smith have announced that their upcoming game The Spectrum Retreat, which won through its prototype in 2016 when Dan was only 18. With the support of publisher Ripstone, Dave Smith has been able to continue on building an intriguing and challenging first-person puzzle game. On top of the announcement, Ripstone and Dan Smith are excited to reveal that The Spectrum Retreat will be launching this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

In The Spectrum Retreat, players will tasked with exploring the pristine and uncanny hotel by the name of The Penrose. During their stay, they will solve its vast array of colour-coded puzzles as they seek to discover the reasons behind their stay that seems never-ending.

Leading up to the games upcoming release, Dan Smith, Designer of The Spectrum Reteat stated that his last few years “have been a great experience. When I first began development, I couldn’t have anticipated that five years later we’d be releasing a game like this and that I would pick up a BAFTA along the way. The Spectrum Retreat is built on the mechanics I developed a few years ago, but they’re now integrated with a mature, absorbing story and setting. It’s been great to push the game further in every aspect and to craft an engaging world that can deliver the puzzles and story together.

We’re thrilled to finally share Dan’s vision, now that The Spectrum Retreat’s release is drawing closer,” said Phil Gaskell, Creative Director at Ripstone Games. “We’ve worked closely with Dan as he, along with our in-house artists and programmers, crafted an experience which does justice to the vision he showed in his 2016 BAFTA award-winning demo. The puzzles possess a depth which betray Dan’s age and the story provides real emotional heft.

About the Game as provided to us by Ripstone Games:

The Spectrum Retreat takes place in the near future at The Penrose hotel, a peaceful yet unsettling refuge from the outside world. As a valued guest, your existence is embedded into the corridors and guest rooms of The Penrose. Through exploration of the striking art-deco hotel you will begin to uncover the mysteries of both The Penrose and the uncertainties surrounding your current stay. Your desire to unearth the truth is obstructed by an array of color-coded first-person puzzles, mind-bending physics challenges and the growing fear of exposing your true intentions.

The Spectrum Retreat is expected to launch later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year. Stay tuned for our review.

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