The Darwin Project Early Access Begins March 9


Over the past few months, the team at Scavengers Studio has been hard at work running closed tests on their new arena PvP focused title called the Darwin Project. As a part of continuing development of their game and allowing for player feedback, Scavengers Studio is excited to announce that the Darwin Project will launch on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on Friday, March 9, 2018, for $14.99 USD.

Let alone have they announced that this new step will kick off their next phase of development for their game, the team has announced that the biggest step yet is introducing Xbox One players to the arena in Darwin Project. If players aren’t eliminating one another, they can also cast their judgment on the battlefield as the Show Director.

Along with all of the environmental survival action players will be focusing on in this snow-laden battle royale title, players will get to trap, lure, and snipe an enemy into traps of their very choice. Players will even get to alter the battlefield to that of what they wish by setting up trip-wires, lures, and even hiding in frozen confines of their arena.

For streamers, the action doesn’t end there as the Darwin Project is set to have spectator interactions for both Twitch and Mixer users, which will allow them to influence the decisions the Show Director makes and they will even have an impact on the battlefield itself.

Darwin Project is set to launch on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on March 9, 2018, for $14.99 USD. You can also visit Scavengers Studio’s official Discord channel for more information.


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