Detroit: Become Human to Release May 25


As our year quickly gets underway, so does the amount of astonishing video games we get to experience. So far, 2018 has already been a strong year for Sony Interactive Entertainment and their partnered studios. As a part of their commitment to bringing out some of their strongest games and even a recently announced restructuring of their company, Sony Interactive Entertainment and David Cage’s studio, Quantic Dream, have given us a release date for their upcoming title Detroit: Become Human.

On May 25, 2018, players will get to take on the role of Kara, an android who first stole our hearts during a PlayStation 3 tech demo that premiered with her name on it. In the title, she becomes a fugitive by emphatizing with a little girl, one she becomes united within their dream of freedom and a world where hope lives on. Along with Kara comes Connor, a prototype android designed to help investigators solve cases involving his own kind.

Then we have Markus, an android who will become the leader of the Android revolution, a leader who one day hopes that both androids and humans can live side-by-side without bigotry, hate, and discrimination. Over the course of the story, players will control all three characters over time, each having their own unique destinies that players control through a series of events that unfold before them, and a story that will shape their lives as well as the world about them.

As one of the most ambitious titles ever created by David Cage and the teams at Quantic Dream, players will be pushed to their limits, exploring a game that doesn’t just explore touchy subjects, but one that seeks to open our eyes to a title that features actions that come with consequence. Consequences that could lead to the death of your closest allies, the death of innocent people or even your friends. Every piece of the game foretells of consequences, where actions will have resounding repercussions in the world about you as you explore the story.

Are you ready to see what it is to be human? Stay tuned for our review this May.

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