Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Now Available for PC and PS4


Since the launch of Street Fighter V, the game has continually received improvements across the boards including new characters to select from, new maps to experience, new outfits to purchase, and even a Cinematic Story Mode for fans of the franchise to enjoy. Newly released features such as a new Versus CPU mode and even a host of new features have made their way onto the game since its launch.

Today, Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is now available for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in both digital and physical formats for North America, with a release in Europe planned for January 19, 2018. This new version of the game includes all previously released content, including all characters, and is accompanied by a host of new features, as well as modes.

For those whom already own the game, you can update to the Arcade Edition starting now. This new version includes the previously released PC and PlayStation 4 cross-platform play, as well as a newly released arcade mode, which sends players across multiple story paths, each presenting themselves as parts of the main Street Fighter title that they are from.

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This new mode does come with its own rewards such as an active leaderboard, new custom illustrations, secondary V-Triggers for all characters, a new Team Battle Mode (tag team), as well as a new Extra Battle Mode, which allows players to complete special limited time challenges in order to earn various rewards including Fight Money, XP, and even unique costumes. You can check out more about the games additional features down below.

  • Special Challenges – Not to be confused with the current weekly missions which are still present and yield Fight Money, Special Challenges are scattered throughout the year and will offer unique titles for players upon completion.
  • Season 3 Characters: Sakura is now available with Sagat, Cody, Blanka, and newcomers Falk and G to follow them later this year. All characters will remain free-of-charge by completing various in-game challenges and can be earned via those challenges or unliked via real money purchases through Steam or the PlayStation Store.
  • And more – The game will also include an all-new Gallery to view the unlockable Arcade Mode illustrations, Sound option (to listen to stage background music, character themes, and more tunes), redesigned UI, and 3D Costume Previews.

While waiting to update your game or install it, you can check out the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer down below or you can visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to receive the latest news, reviews, and impressions when they become available.

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